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Design in Digital

The digital world has never played such a pivotal role in business as it does today. Your brand needs to stand out from the crowd.  It needs to be show-stopping.  And, more importantly, it needs to be visible online.  Posting a meme on Facebook is no longer enough to be relevant.  We need to evolve.  Evolve beyond our competitors and create a dominating digital presence that is omnipresent in the minds of our customers.

We can help you rank high on Google.  We can create you a website that draws customers like bees to honey.  We can control your social media and convert it into a business generating machine.  Above all else, we can get you seen.  And we can get you seen in the right way by the right people.  The perfect combination for business success.

Dare to be different.  Don’t stop at the ordinary but instead push yourself to be extraordinary.  You can build apps, design interfaces, and create revolutionary products.  All of this is just a call away when you work with Ultraluxe.

UX Design

User Experience Design (UX Design) is the key fundamental that will set your product apart.  Designing a new product or website without your target user in mind is as pointless as trying to print without paper.  You can have the best application in the world but if it does not have the functionality and usability required to win the desire of your customer it will eventually sit on the App Store gathering dust.  Products need to resonate with your customer.  The whole process needs to feel seamless and relevant to them.  Everything from its main purpose to the “help” section needs to feel bespoke and targeted towards the individual using it.  Design your product with your customer in mind, not the other way round.  Speak with a member of our team to ascertain whether your product will be the right for our prestigious designers.

UI Design

If UX design revolves around effectiveness and efficiency then UI design revolves around the aesthetically pleasing.  UX Design is the process of making apps and products run efficiently.  UI Design is the process of making them look and feel immaculate.  Pull out your smartphone and play with it.  Feel how easy it is to turn pages, click apps and return to your home screen.  It can feel fun.  Even addictive.  An expert designer will be able to turn your generic product into a piece of art which will bring join to its purchasers. 

Thankfully Ultraluxe prides itself on its expertise in this field.  Whether you are launching a revolutionary new app that needs to be appealing to the eye or a business website that needs to dazzle the audience with your brand boldness, Ultraluxe has you covered.  Contact us today to discover how we can rejuvenate your virtual products. 

CMS (Content Management Systems)

Content Management Systems are requisite for any business that is looking for a perceptible online presence.  CMS’s are usually confused as websites.  This is because CMS’s, such as WordPress, create websites.  Rather than coding your web page from scratch you can use a CMS which already has the key necessities in place for you.  You can build and design your whole online presence for half the time and half the cost.  Even though using a CMS to create your content requires less experience than coding it is still a venture that requires skill.  This is why we advise booking a consultation with us to discuss whether a CMS is the right product for you.  Once decided we can deal with the whole process on your behalf, if it is the right fit for us.

About designing in WordPress

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Where is the best place to hide a dead body?  The second page of Google.  Search engine optimisation is the sure-fire way of ensuring that your website ranks high online.  Websites are one of the most notoriously wasted business investments.  Why spend thousands on your website if it isn’t going to show online when people are searching for you?  Ultraluxe can ensure that you are found by your target clients.  Not just by your business name but by your business category.  We can put you ahead of the competition and at the forefront of search results across the UK.  Whether you have an existing website or are looking to build one from the ground up we have you covered.

Landing Pages

Sometimes a seven thousand pound website isn’t necessary.  Sometimes all we need is a landing point to direct our customers to.  A place where they can find out more about our brand and business.  Whether it’s for your Facebook adverts or social media, landing pages are an effective and versatile tool for directing traffic.  Like a service station on a busy motorway, they’re a great place for people to stop and spend some time.  The only difference is that rather than drinking coffee and reading newspapers they’ll be consuming your content and reading about the services your business can offer.

Social Media

Like it or not social media is the future.  The future of business.  With over 1 billion people on Facebook alone where better to promote yourself?  To stand out between the pictures of peoples dogs and food you have to do something different.  You have to tailor your message in a way that resonates with the end-user.  Whether that is through a graphic or an animated video will all depend on your target market.  It isn’t just about creating flashy and engaging content.  It’s doing so consistently.  In a way that gains interaction.  What’s the point in ten thousand followers if none of them are liking your posts and supporting your business?

At Ultraluxe we can manage the whole social media process.  From content creation to weekly posts we have you covered.  All you’’ ever need to do is sit back, relax and watch the likes role in.  Work with us today to make your business an omnipresent online powerhouse.

Video / Animation

If pictures paint a thousand words than how many do you think videos paint?  Videos and short animations are the modern way of beguiling your audience into consuming your content.  After all, we live in a world where peoples attention spans have never been shorter.  Anything that takes effort to read is quickly discarded in favour of a Tik Tok or less tiresome task.  By weaving short videos into your website and social media you stay attractive.  More people will ingest your content because it is easy.  Because they can learn all about your business with minimal effort.

Email Marketing

Black and white words and an Ariel typeface only go so far in captivating your audience’s attention.

As human beings we are driven by the aesthetic.  Drawn by the obnoxiously bold.  Unfortunately, emails rarely mirror this.  As one of the most commonly used forms of communication and marketing, they are seen as bland and boring.  By using professional email design you immediately overcome this stigma.  Your audience is entranced from the moment they open your email.  Astounded by your brand and intrigued to continue exploring the contents of your email.

It has been proven that we only have 0-3 seconds before someone either closes our marketing email or continues reading.  By using email design you immediately increase this timeframe and entice your audience to take that desired action.  Ultraluxe has worked with huge brands on their email design, Jet2 being one of them.  Whether you are a company of this size or a start-up looking to get out there Ultraluxe can help you today.  Contact us at to see some of our previous work.

Web Development

Content Management Systems have their place in the world of websites.  But what about if you need bespoke functionality?  A website that is so specific to your brand it would be close to impossible for your competitors to replicate it?  We can create your website from the ground up.  Turning it from pieces of code to a flourishing asset that will magnify your businesses online presence.  If you believe that your business is unique then we believe it is important that you have an equally unique website to reflect this.  Something audacious. 

No matter how bespoke you need it to be we can create it.  The options are endless but the spaces that we have available to create these types of websites are not.  Contact Ultraluxe today to secure your position.  Just message the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner to find out how.  


It is easy to type.  To write a sentence and fill a page.  But to write engaging content that psychologically influences people into taking action on a subconscious level takes talent.  Thankfully it is a talent that Ultraluxe can provide.  It is said that a website is only as good as its copy.  The same as an email marketing campaign.  Like the perfect jigsaw, it just isn’t complete without that final piece.  And that final piece is engrossing copy that paints your brand in a pallet of creative words.  We won’t just help you to create words for your business.  We will help you to create words that convert leads and sell. 

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