ULTRALUXE Design co. are specialists in creating brand.

To create a unique and winning brand, Ultraluxe start a journey of discovery into what is really special about your business. We research your target audience, stakeholders and competitors as well as your product or your companies offering and see what really makes it tick.

When it comes to design, Ultraluxe believes in not making assumptions, we lead with humility and hold our hands up to being honest in knowing that we don’t know everything. And in keeping with being honest, so should you. Step back and look at the business you’re trying to create with fresh eyes. Try not to be precious, but understand not everyone knows what you do about your product. Only then, when you allow yourself to be open, you can create ideas that work.

Why are ULTRALUXE a top branding agency?

Visual Identity

The key to creating a visual identity is to step back and look from your audience’s perspective. Use this tool to play to their expectations and create an experience they want and expect to see.

We’re all guilty of assuming our brand is perfect, but it’s humility that separates good branding from great branding. It is hard to see your own flaws and even harder to accept them.

ULTRALUXE are good, no, great at creating visual identity by being true to what an audience expects. We research the end-user and don’t assume ethnography.
We tackle design problems with research first and have learnt to not assume things.

Visual identity describes the graphical things that make a brand and is inevitably successful when that graphic design is research lead.

Logo Design

Logo design is a part of visual identity.  when we design a logo, essentially what we are doing is breaking down
your brand proposition into the simplest form possible to create iconic recognisable designs that work in an instant.


Conveying your brand through the written word is equally as important as fancy logo designs.  A brands typography dictates the way its message is perceived by its audience.  Are you a fun and funky brand with big letters and bold exclamation marks?  Or are you a formal brand with a serious message that aims to produce trust and responsibility in the minds of its clients?  Everything from your typeface to your chosen sentence structure must be in line with the image that you are trying to create.  

Typography is complex.  It will make or break your brand and make your efforts and investments into creating it either very fruitful or completely fruitless.  Contact Ultraluxe today to gather feedback and advice on your current Typography.  It would be our pleasure to assist you.  If you would like to work alongside us to design your brand then you can reserve a space for this work to be complete.  Reserve your space by clicking here and completing the relevant steps.

Tone of voice

If typography is what we say then the tone of voice is how we say it.  This stems all the way from the tone of your website to every piece of communication that you put out on your social media.  Our tone of voice determines more than how we are heard.  It influences how we are identified.  It may seem inconsequential but if you look at the biggest brands you will see that they all have a distinctive voice.  For example, you would immediately notice if McDonald’s started to use the same tone as Santander.  If used correctly then you can identify a company on its tone alone. 

Photography Style

Pictures paint a thousand words.  So, do your businesses pictures paint how you want your brand to be perceived? If you are a carpet fitting business then your website shouldn’t include images of a sapphire coloured sea.  This is an obvious testament but in most cases photography style can be ever so slight.

Different colours and gradations can be as impactful on a brand as the object in the image itself.  Even an untrained eye can spot an image that is Coca-Cola’s.

Everything from their models garments to the colours that are used in Photoshop is dictated by the brand.  Pre-set so that every image shouts its name as clearly as if it was written on a piece of paper.  If done correctly you won’t need your logo, you won’t even need your face, your audience will automatically know that it is you at the end of the lens.

Brand Strategy

Do you know exactly where you are going to position yourself in the market? What exactly separates your business from your competitors.

Your unique selling points, services and how can you connect with your target market on an emotional level are all affected by your brand strategy.
We like to think of strategy as a long term journey map, and the destination is the hearts and feelings of your target audience. We aim to achieve this by becoming part of the end-users lifestyle, trying to position your brand as the first thing the user associates with your industry.

Designing a brand is one of businesses fundamentals.  It can be the making or breaking point of any organisation.  You can be a start-up looking to carve out a niche in your industry.  You can be an established company looking to rejuvenate your appearance and captivate a new audience.  Regardless of your business size and history, Ultraluxe can help.  Fill in our call back sheet by clicking here and we will offer you 30 minutes of our time to discover how you can grow your brand and business.

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